Leasing and Purchase

Leasing and Purchasing

Solar Smart LLC is leading the industry in developing community solar gardens that are supported by local communities, together with state and federal programs. In general these projects are preferred by communities because of their smaller size. They are less intrusive than Utility scale solar systems and are developed so that the local community is provided clean power that is sold at a reduced rate through the local utility.

In the construction of these projects Solar Smart LLC offers our property partners a long-term Lease that provides the owner with a guaranteed annual income for 20 to 50 years.

Benefits of Leasing Your Massachusetts PropertyHappy Couple

          • Property owner maintains ownership of the property
          • Solar Smart LLC pays the owner an annual lease payment per year per megawatt of energy production
          • Solar Smart LLC pays all the additional property taxes for 20 years
          • Solar Smart LLC pays all the expenses associated with the operation and maintenance of the system

Under the Solar Smart program the owner retains control of the property and has full ownership at all times.

Solar Smart LLC enters into a lease arrangement that allows the construction of  a 1 MW solar garden on the property (normally about 6+ acres) and then, once constructed, Solar Smart LLC maintains that system for the duration of the lease term.

Selected properties must meet the following guidelines:

          • Property consists of at least 6+ usable acres for solar development
          • Land should be free of any wetland or habitat issues
          • Property is shade free, fairly level and (ideally) consists of fields
          • Owner is interested in a 20 year lease at a premium rate
          • Close to available three phase power

If you feel that this program is of interest, please contact us for a brief phone conversation or site assessment visit.

During this conversation we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and address any of your concerns.

Want more information? Go to our frequently asked question page. Click Here.

Contact us today for a free site assessment! Email Solar Smart at info@solarsmartllc.com or call us at 800-765-1223.